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The Rank and File of a Successful Deployment

The most integral part of a successful deployment is the selection and training levels for key, dedicated personnel. These people are called "belts". Belts are trained with different skill and technical levels in order to facilitate and lead the corporation along the path to a successful program (i.e.: greater return). Depending on the level and depth of your deployment, belts range from highly-skilled technicians with empowered leadership ( Master Black Belt ) who are supported throughout the organization by belts of lesser time commitments and skill requirements.

From the top:

  • Master Black Belt - This leader has the responsibility to move the projects through the organization with a high degree of success through the management of all of the other belts. They are very competent in the technical aspects and selection of the right tools for any particular project.
  • Black Belt - A fully dedicated technician who has been trained to facilitate and manage a number of projects within a larger program. They have hands-on experiences in the use of all of the available tools.
  • Green Belt - Usually dedicating half of their time towards project work, Green Belts work closely under the supervision of the Black Belts.
  • Yellow Belts - These people are trained with specific skills to help in the process.
  • White Belts - At this level, the candidate is made familiar with the methods being used to improve internal processes. Other belts may call upon White Belts when there is a project that needs extra assistance.

Taught by industry experts, SBTI offers a comprehensive set of the belt training courses that align with your specific needs: SBTI Course Catalog